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Publishing guide.

We assume that you already own a site that has some search engine optimization (SEO) value like PageRank, incoming links, visitors traffic etc. We recommend you to install WordPress and our plugin for WordPress (both are absolutely free). Here's the WordPress integration guide. Manual publishing makes the whole process a bit longer, but not really harder. We will also assume that you know how to add pages/articles/posts to your site.

STEP 1: Create an account at Host-My-Post

Just click on Sign Up which you see in the top right corner of this page, enter your email address, your preferred user name and password, and wait for the confirming email. When the email arrives, click on the link to finish the sign-up process. Now you have an active account at Host My Post and can sign in with your user name and password.

Confirmational email will also contain your auto-generated publication key. Publication key will be discussed later on, now we just tell you that you can set new publication key (as well as the password) via My Account / Settings menu.

STEP 2: Add your site to our database

Click Publishing / Add site menu item. Make sure you have read our rules regulating what kind of sites you can add. Enter your site domain name and check the box if you'd like to receive an email when your site gets approved. Follow the instructions to check that you really are the owner of this site. If you've lost your verification meta-code you can always find it at Site Settings of your site.

Important! By default your site is not assigned to any categories. It is right time to do it while site is being verified. Without specifying categories (and other settings for your site) you will not able to publish articles because article owners (advertisers) explicitly specyfy what kind of sites they want their articles to be published on.
Also important! Don't forget to remove the meta tag when your site is approved. Flaunting your participation in article exchange programs can make your advertisers unhappy.
And last but not the least! The document below applies if for some reason you don't want to go with Wordpress Plugin (e.g. your server doesn meet WP system requirements).

STEP 3: Find suitable articles for your site.

You can check articles suitable for publishing for each of your sites by clicking Publishing / My sites. The number in parenthesis next to 'Browse' link means how many articles are there now that match your site class and category (categories). You'll get to the article preview page. Note the publisher info box on the right. Copy the article source and click on Points-Per-Post to let Host-My-Post (and advertiser) know that you have published an article and want to be rewarded (Step 5).

STEP 4: Post article on your site.

This is what you do on your own. Please take into consideration our rules for publishing.

STEP 5: Notify Host-My-Post about this publication.

Carefully fill the 'Register Publication' form (which you have opened at Step 3 by clicking on Pay-Per-Post value). Alternatively you can access this form via My sites / Browse / Register Publication' (ie skipping article preview). Take into consideration "Non zero reward" issue - article budget may have exhausted meanwhile, it is ok to reload this page before submitting.

To reduce the risk of getting "zero reward" you can take Step 5 before Step 4. Don't forget to make Step 4 though, otherwise your account will be penalized.
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