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Host-My-Post News

Terms and Conditions Updated!

The 7th of February 2013

Things that have changed:

  • After an account is banned, any remaining funds are preserved for three months. This is a safety precaution in case clarification of the additional circumstances is needed (this does not apply to loss compensation funds, which can be transferred to affected accounts). After three months has passed, all funds are sent back to the HMP Points Exchange without any compensation.
  • Newly registered accounts are blocked from withdrawing funds from the system for three months starting from the day of registration. Accounts using expired domain names have a waiting period of one year from the moment of registration before they are allowed to withdraw funds.
  • Site are only approved by the system if they have more than 100 pages in Google Index.
  • Each site will be checked for WhoIs data. The site can not be added to the system if its domain name was created less than one year ago, or if its WhoIs data has been changed within the past three months.

Read more here!

WordPress Plugin Updated!

The 11th of October 2012

What's new in v.2.6:

  • Compatibility with the latest WordPress 3.4.2. (Still compatible with earlier versions of WordPress, at least starting from 3.3.1)
  • Improved usability and interface
  • Minor bug fixes


New category: Education!

The 21st of May 2012

Looking through the profiles of those using HMP, we've noticed how many users have websites dedicated to different aspects of education. Since there seems to be a clear demand, we've decided to add Education as a new category.

If you have any other succestions for adding new categories to HMP, please let us know.

WordPress plugin update

The 29th of March 2012

We recently updated the WordPress plugin for Host My Post. The new version 2.5 features several bug fixes and supports the latest versions of WordPress.

To simplify the setup of the plugin, we've added interactive installation instructions. The long-awaited Troubleshooting Page is also available now. Hopefully, this identifies the most common problems and their solutions. If you see anything we've missed, please let us know.

Get better results with Host-My-Post!

New Feature – Publication Limits!

The 27th of March 2012

We're excited to offer a new feature to our advertisers. It's designed to give you more control over the publication of your articles. Have you ever wanted to limit the number of times your articles are published and so protect your budget? Now you can set the Publication Limits when you submit your articles. You can also change those settings up or down at any time by going to the Article Settings page.

So now, if you want 10 F-class publications, 5 D-class publications and 3 B-class publications, it's done with just a few clicks.

We hope you'll continue enjoy our site. Watch out for further improvements!

If you have any suggestions for new features, let us know!

New categories added

The 15th of March 2012

In a pursuit to becoming more effective and convenient for a larger scope of users, Host-My-Post decided to broaden its categories profile. After investigating current user demand and preferences, we added two new categories: Automotive and Shopping & Retail. Those are drastically popular and demanded among our advertisers and are likely to draw many publishers. In future, we'll be adding more categories, which you would certainly learn from our news. If you have any suggestions for new categories, let us know via the contact form.

Attention! If you're a publisher and your site's content matches any of the newly added categories, don't hesitate to contact our support team. We'll update your site's category as soon as possible.

Instantaneous points purchase!

The 14th of March 2012

Great news for advertisers!
We've introduced a new system for automating the purchase of points. Now, when you buy ponts, they are transferred to your account as soon as you make payment at Plimus! Besides, you can now use any email address during checkout. We hope this improvements would be convenient for advertisers, who would like to start working in our system without delays.

Congratulations Host-My-Post!

The 4th of January 2012

Today the 7,777th user registered on the host-my-post.com website. The next milestone comes on February 7 which will be our fourth birthday!

At present, host-my-post.com is one of the largest online services for the exchange of articles. It offers the most favorable business conditions for advertisers and publishers alike. Every single day, new users are registering, new articles are added, hundreds of publications are made, and we're still nowhere near our limit!

To celebrate our fourth anniversary, we are starting the development of more features aimed at making your work with host-my-post even easier and productive.

Stay tuned for more news!

Converting your Host My Post points into cash has never been easier.

The 31st of July 2009

To make your life easier, we've added a new option in the Main Menu for the "My Account" section. Look for "Sell points". This allows you to manage your payment methods, billing details and convert your points into cash with just one click!

Convert your Host My Post points into cash whenever you want.

We've also upgraded the security on all your billing information. We're going the extra mile to protect your privacy!

Article variants

The 17th of February 2009

If you're an Advertiser, here's a great piece of news for you!

Now you can add several versions of the same article, changing the text or placing the links in different ways. Doing the rewrites in advance gives more effective output and reduces the risk of duplicated content when your content is used online.

To take advantage of this great opportunity, just log in to your account, choose "My Articles" and then "Variants". It's fast and easy!

Great new feature for Publishers

The 1st of December 2008

Now you can filter all the available articles by keywords. Just click the browse button on your publishing page and you will find the best articles for your website by keyword.
You will also find the same keyword box on http://www.host-my-post.com/blog.php (Recent Articles) page.

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