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WordPress Plug-in Installation Guide

This guides you through the installation of a plug-in to integrate your WordPress site with Host-My-Post.com. We assume hereafter that you've already registered with Host-My-Post.com. We guaranty the functionality of our WordPress publishing plugin for WP of version 3.3.1 and higher.

If you don't yet have WordPress installed, visit http://wordpress.org/ and download the latest version. It's free and easy to install. Should you hit problems, there's very helpful support and forums on that site where you can ask for guidance.

STEP 1: Plug-in download.

First, download the latest version of the plug-in. It's free. Just Click The Banner below!

STEP 2: Plug-in installation

Unzip the downloaded file to the wp-content/plugins folder of your WordPress blog.

WARNING! The file HMPP_3UWX7.php and the folder HMPP_3UWX7 should be located in the folder wp-content/plugins, not in any of its sub-folders. If it's not in the right place, the plugin may be activated but it will not function properly!

After placing the plug-in, go to your blog's Admin Area (it's usually located at yoursite.com/blog/wp-admin/), open the Plug-ins tab and activate the "HMP publisher" plug-in, which should appear in the list of installed plug-ins.

STEP 3: Plug-in adjustment.

Open the Settings tab and find Host-My-Post.

The file names are pretty self-explanatory except for the "Publication Key". Check your recent emails. You should have received a Publication Key when you registered on the Host-My-Post site or, if you accidentally deleted the relevant email or want to renew your Publication Key, you can request a new key by going to the Account section at Host-My-Post.

In the Account section, you can also choose the categories under which your articles will be posted in Host-My-Post. We recommend choosing the same categories you registered for your site when opening the Account at Host-My-Post. So if you registered your site as Arts & Entertainment, it's logical to post your articles in the Arts & Entertainment category.

The Publication Key is used by Host-My-Post to confirm an article has been published on the registered website. It's like a password to verify the source of your publications. It's a good security precaution to make the account and publication passwords different. If your site is hacked, the hacker will not gain access to your Host-My-Post account.

STEP 5: How to post using the WordPress plug-in.

Now you can start publishing Host-My-Post articles on your blog in two easy ways:

I. Using the Host-My-Post interface:

1. Enter Home / Articles, pick the category that interests you and choose any article from the list. This will show you a preview page of the article alongside a list of all the sites where you can publish it.


2. Enter Publishing / My Sites and choose Browse at the site where you want to post the chosen article. The number displayed next to Browse shows how many articles you have ready for posting at the respective site.

After these manipulations, you will be referred to the Publication Registration page.

The most important feature is the "Non-Zero Reward" flag. If there's not enough money in your account, leave this unchecked and the article will be advertised for posting without payment. You can leave a note for the advertiser under Comments. The message will be shown to the advertiser next to the title of the publication.

II. In the admin-area of your blog:

Go to 'Posts' / 'Host-My-Post',

Press "Get New Articles". You will see the following:

If you want a preview of the article, click on the title in list. Against the title, you will see the payment you will receive in HMP points, assuming the article complies with HMP's rules. Make sure to check “Non-Zero Reward” box in case you don't want to publish selected article whether its budget gets exhausted. You may leave a note for advertised under Comments. This message will be shown to advertiser next to your publication info.

After selecting the articles you want to publish press the Publish Selected button.

STEP 6: Publication results.

After publishing the article(s) by following the process described in Step 5, you will see a page with the plugin's results.

If the post is registered without any problems, it should look like this: "Promote your website with Host-My-Post" on the screen-shot Points for this publication will be transferred to your balance at Host-My-Post as soon as it passes the verification test. If your trust rating is high, the review period will be short. If there are any problems with the registration of your article at Host-My-Post, as for example with articles "Dating services" and "What to do about jet lag?", the cause of the problem will be noted in the "Comment / Error Description" column and the article will be deleted from your site.

STEP 7: Additional notes.

If you experience any problems with the plug-in, read through the Troubleshooting section. If this does not give you an answer to your problem, use the Contact Us form to ask for guidance from the support team.

Answers to the most common questions regarding Payment and other topics can be found in the FAQ or Help/Publishing.

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